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Together we are stronger.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for a reliable cloud foundation.

As a former cross-functional team in a large enterprise we have conquered numerous cloud challenges. Now it’s your turn and we want to guide you along the way!

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We specialize in

Cloud Operations

Running a cloud foundation requires a broad range of capabilities.

We teach the necessary skills to successfully run a reliable and scalable cloud foundation.

Architecture Review

Before any deployment can get going, a cloud-ready architecture is required.

Over the years we accumulated many Well-Architected reference architectures and we have developed a keen eye for weak spots.


To fully exploit the benefits of the cloud, a high degree of automation is required.

Among other things, we enable your engineers to build and operate CI/CD pipelines specifically tuned for the cloud.

Infrastructure as Code

One of the best tools to manage large cloud environments is Infrastructure as Code.

We have extensive Terraform knowhow and develop our own modules. We can help you with the implementation of our modules and offer you support.


The most important asset for the cloud journey is know-how.

We empower organizational teams to leverage practices suitable for the cloud and operate cross-functionally.

Cloud Migration

There are many obstacles when migrating an existing workload to the cloud.

We can provide guidance on how to successfully move your workloads to the cloud and remain profitable.

Let’s dive deeper…

AWS Foundation Squad

Need to significantly accelerate your cloud journey?
We get a picture of the current situation, gather the requirements and assemble a team of specialists to build your cloud foundation in a fraction of the usual time. Along the way, we prepare your organization to successfully take ownership of the foundation.

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AWS Reference Architecture

Most cloud reference architectures tend to be generic in order to appeal to a broad audience.
Based on our many years of experience in designing and implementing cloud reference architectures, we have composed a set of field-tested, enterprise-ready blueprints for AWS.

AWS Terraform Modules

Adapting Infrastructure as Code is a critical component to ensure a robust and scalable cloud foundation in the long term.
We rely entirely on Terraform for this purpose and have developed a collection of ready-to-use Terraform modules. Visit the Terraform Registry and take a look at some of our free to use public modules.

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