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First, build a solid network foundation!

Connectivity is one of the first key topics which must be tackled to jump-start your cloud journey.

We make sure that all your workloads are seamlessly connected to the AWS cloud with top-priority on reliability, scalability and security.

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We specialize in

Infrastructure as Code

We deliver ready to use Terraform modules which implement different reference architectures to meet your connectivity requirements.

Our modules enable you to conveniently manage your cloud connectivity solution while reducing human error and improving time-to-market.

Hybrid Connectivity

There are a lot of obstacles to perfectly combine your on-premises data center with a public cloud.

We can show you viable options and help you implement the best solution for your requirements.

Multi-Cloud Networking

While planing a multi-cloud strategy it is paramount to standardize the connectivity.

We provide homogeneous network architectures for an equivalent connectivity solution across clouds.


Redundancy is always top of mind for us and will never be treated as an afterthought.

Connectivity outages in a public cloud will usually lead to a severe impact on your workloads and therefor on your entire business.


One of the key benefits of public cloud services is their ability to scale.

Our connectivity solutions are specifically build around scalability to keep up with a rapid growth.

Network Security

Connectivity and security should go hand in hand.

We offer various possibilities to enforce security guidelines directly at the network layer.

Let’s dive deeper…

AWS Direct Connect

There are lots of stumbling blocks when connecting an on-premises data center to the public cloud.
Some cases require strong encryption while other cases require the best possible latency and sometimes both is necessary. With our practical experience in building highly redundant Direct Connect and Express Route solutions we can expedite this task.

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AWS Transit Gateway

Scalability is the magic word when designing the network in a public cloud environment.
The cloud network needs to scale fluently and quickly to keep up with rapid growth and to improve time-to-market. Our AWS network architectures offer great flexibility and are built to last.

AWS Route 53

One of the main challenges for a successful hybrid cloud environment is a well thought out DNS solution.
DNS in the public cloud has to be reliable and should be adaptable while not being restrictive. We offer scalable and secure DNS reference architectures and enable you to implement the right solution.

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AWS Network Firewall

Network security is crucial and a main pillar of our connectivity services.
A centrally managed firewall offers many benefits and is essential to keep your public cloud environment safe. We can help you implement the right firewall solution using cloud native principles.