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Prime your business for cloud success.

Designing a cloud strategy is the first and easiest step. The hard part is turning the vision into reality and achieving operational excellence.

With our practical experience in reshaping organizations we can help you along the way.

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We specialize in

Cloud Strategy

We guide you to securely adapt the benefits of the public cloud while keeping the business goals in mind.

We can show you the obstacles ahead to avoid show stoppers and accelerate your cloud journey.

Legal, Data Protection and Procurement

At the beginning of every cloud journey there are plenty of legal and data protection challenges.

We can close the legal gap and support your procurement team in the cloud paradigm shift.

Cloud Operation Model

Fully automated infrastructure provisioning requires a new mindset and skills.

We enable your engineers and administrators to share responsibility for the cloud and establish a cross-functional agile mentality.

Cloud Financial Management

One of the cloud success factors is a transparent usage-based billing model which enables the business to make informed financial decisions.

We define the necessary adjustments to efficiently reduce the operating cost by establishing FinOps practices.

Account Lifecycle

Housekeeping a multi-account cloud environment is time consuming and prone to human error.

We provide an adaptable and highly automated account lifecycle solution to greatly improve your time-to-market.

Continuous Integration

Infrastructure as Code and running automated tests is essential to scale successfully.

With our hands-on experience in DevOps and GitOps practices we can provide guidance to implement the right solution.

Let’s dive deeper…

AWS Multi-Account Strategy

Managing everything in a single account is a recipe for disaster when scaling.
As the number of workloads grow, you will run into various issues regarding security, isolation, billing and quota limits. We can advise you on best practices and help you define the right strategy for your business.

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AWS Account Lifecycle

Based on the implementation of a multi-account strategy, you face numerous challenges.
How to configure the master account, structure AWS Organizations, define access rights, manage code repositories and maintain code pipelines. We offer you an adaptable solution to manage your AWS Accounts including all surrounding systems with Infrastructure as Code in a simple and efficient way.