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Security compliance from day one!

The security maturity of your public cloud environment is business critical. Compliance is a major challenge for an enterprise with numerous workloads.

Cloud security is one of our specialties and we are happy to support you!

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Compliant Architecture

There is a lot to consider when designing compliant cloud solutions.

We offer enterprise-ready reference architectures which are fully CIS Control compliant. Furthermore, we are happy to review your existing architectures for possible security vulnerabilities.

Security Assessment

When it comes to security, an assessment from a different angle can be crucial.

We are happy to perform security audits of your public cloud environment and help you mitigate the findings.

Security Framework

There are numerous cloud security frameworks (ISO 27000 family, CIS Controls, BSI C5, NIST) with different scopes.

We show you how to effectively measure compliance and respond appropriately when violations occur.

Security Finding Management

An excess of security events can quickly render you helpless in a critical situation.

We offer a cloud-native solution to bring your security events under control and streamline security surveillance.

Image Lifecycle Management

An EC2 image that is not sufficiently hardened provides a large attack surface for unauthorized access.

We help you create an image baking process that delivers hardened EC2 images to your organization and validates them continously.

Logging and Monitoring

Collecting logs in a sizable cloud environment can quickly become a major challenge.

We offer several solutions to store logs sensibly and forward them to a monitoring solution of your choice.

Let’s dive deeper…

Swiss Security Standard

We build all our solutions with Swiss security standards in focus.
What meets the security requirements of Swiss financial institutions leaves little room for security vulnerabilities. You have come to the right place with your security concerns!

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AWS Security Baselining

Not only the workload itself, but also the underlying cloud foundation must be safety-compliant.
To simplify this process, we will show you how to define and implement a set of basic security controls in your AWS organization. Once your AWS accounts are 100% compliant, you have a lot less to worry about.

AWS Security Architecture Review

An AWS Well-Architected solution should always be fully compliant.
There are many different security benchmarks to determine the compliance rate. We can help you decide which criteria to consider for benchmarking and will be happy to review your architecture for potential security vulnerabilities.

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