Key features

Infrastructure as Code

Based on Terraform modules, which dramatically simplifies the management.


Manage hundreds of AWS accounts across multiple regions while keeping operational overhead minimal.

Well Architected

Our Account Baseline is based on practical experience, best practices and the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

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Tailored to your needs

The Account Baseline is supposed to be as unique as the customer himself and that’s why we strongly embrace customization.

GitOps by design

A new Account Baseline version can be tested and reviewed during pull request. The risk of critical failures can be significantly reduced by enforcing code review practices.


Implementation into an existing self-service portal can be easily achieved through a simple Git integration.

In a nutshell…

Account Baseline Workflow

The Account Baseline is centrally managed in a Git repository via Terraform. Either a user or an automated process starts the rollout of the baseline across multiple accounts. Terraform pipelines will manage all the resources necessary for the account base configuration.
The Account Baseline includes hardening accounts, implementing compliance and security policies, and connecting accounts to the Foundation.

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