Key features

Infrastructure as Code

Based on Terraform modules, which dramatically simplifies the management.


Manage hundreds of AWS accounts while keeping operational overhead minimal.


AWS allows deletion of accounts only with certain restrictions. To avoid this, we provide the possibility to recycle accounts.

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Tailored to your needs

The tooling landscape is customer-specific and therefore we support a variety of integrations.

GitOps by design

A new AWS account can be ordered with a simple pull request and all changes can be easily tracked.


Implementation into an existing self-service portal can be easily achieved through a simple Git integration.

In a nutshell…

Account Lifecycle Workflow

The Account Lifecycle is centrally managed in a Git repository via Terraform. Either a user or an automated process updates the account list with Git. A Terraform pipeline will manage all the resources necessary to create and lifecycle an AWS account.
External resources which are required for the AWS accounts can also be managed with this solution.

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