Key features

Leading Expertise

We specialize in AWS Cloud Foundation, and our seasoned team of AWS experts is always up for a new challenge.

Security and Connectivity

Security from day one and a highly available AWS network are a top priority for us. We support from the initial concept to the final implementation.

Well Architected

Our reference architectures are based on practical experience, best practices and the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Illustration of foundation-blueprint-illustration

Tailored to your needs

A great Foundation is just as unique as the customer himself and that’s why we adjust the Blueprint exactly to your needs.

Transition of the organization

We put a lot of focus on the organizational structures and cloud strategy to maximize opportunities for success.

Workshops & Training

Our goal is to enable our customers to successfully adopt and operate the Foundation Blueprint.

In a nutshell…


First and foremost, we need to get an overview of where you stand on your cloud journey and where you want to go. We will analyze your cloud strategy and organizational structures to adjust the Blueprint accordingly. Your connectivity, security and automation requirements are also identified and taken into account.

Part of the assessment can also include a series of workshops that will provide a better understanding of the Cloud Foundation.

Illustration of foundation-blueprint-assessment


Once we have an overview and gathered all the requirements, we design the Cloud Foundation together with the customer. We support and collaborate in the implementation of the Foundation to accelerate the process.

If needed, we can also adapt or build the tooling required for Infrastructure as Code deployments with Terraform.

Illustration of foundation-blueprint-implementation


We have no interest in building a Cloud Foundation without ensuring that the necessary capabilities on your side will be established to run it successfully. Because we believe that hands-on experience is the best way to learn new skills, we support the employees responsible for operations with on-the-job training.

Part of the transition includes cementing the Cloud Foundation Capabilities which are essential to establish a Cloud Operating Model.

Illustration of foundation-blueprint-transition


Even after the successful implementation of your Cloud Foundation, we want to continue supporting you on your cloud journey. We can help you to optimize and refine your Foundation with audits and reviews.

In addition, we can help identify and resolve performance, security, and scaling issues.

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