Meet our team

Nuvibit was founded by a group of cloud enthusiasts who were eager to take on a fresh challenge.
Originally, the founding members worked for the same company in different departments. Right after the company announced it’s cloud strategy, we were tasked with building a Cloud Foundation on AWS. We poured our blood, sweat, and tears into it and managed to achieve an outstanding level of maturity.
Each and every one of us has gone above and beyond, which ultimately led to the idea of starting a company with like-minded, motivated people.

Profile picture of stefano-franco

Stefano Franco

Cloud Network & Automation Specialist

Stefano is a public cloud networking powerhouse! With years of experience in building connectivity solutions and his passion for automation he is far more than a classic network specialist.
He eats AWS connectivity challenges for breakfast.

Profile picture of michael-ullrich

Michael Ullrich

Cloud Security Enthusiast

Michael is the go-to expert when it comes to cloud security compliance, with more than 25 years of consulting experience!
He holds an MBA and a Master of Science degree in Engineering and is certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional and AWS DevOps Engineer Professional.

Profile picture of christoph-siegrist

Christoph Siegrist

Digitalization & Transformation Specialist

Christoph guides you through the cloud jungle! He has many years of experience in taking an entire organization on a journey and establishing DevOps practices.
With the view of the big picture and his organizational talent, he creates an environment where the full potential of the cloud can be utilized.

Profile picture of andreas-moor

Andreas Moor

Cloud Solution Engineer

Andreas gets the ball rolling! With many years of experience in designing and building solutions in the cloud, he gets your projects up and running.
As an IaC specialist, he will help you digitalize your infrastructure and automate tasks that you have not considered before.

Profile picture of jonas-saegesser

Jonas Sägesser

Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud services make fast, smart and cool solutions possible. Jonas loves to enable you to take full advantage of those possibilities with his vast experience in the public cloud domain!
He has migrated numerous workloads to AWS and got people excited about the cloud through his engagement as a trainer.

Profile picture of roman-plessl

Roman Plessl

Cloud Security Specialist

Roman’s strength is the overall view and especially what is missing - the black spots! His working preference is in the border area, where security architecture and people with their corporate culture are mixing.
His experience from two decades of designing, operating and consulting services are extremly valuable.