A Well-Architected Cloud Environment

A reliable, scalable, and compliant multi-account AWS environment accelerates cloud adoption, reduces risks, and drives innovation. The Nuvibit Terraform Collection (NTC) provides all the necessary preconfigured building blocks, defined entirely as code, ensuring flexibility and seamless integration.

More than just an AWS Landing Zone solution

The Nuvibit Terraform Collection (NTC) is designed to meet the needs of modern platform engineering teams. Conventional AWS Landing Zone solutions do not offer a comprehensive package and require additional engineering effort for customization.

Illustration of landing-zone
Illustration of automation

Security and Compliance Automation

The Nuvibit Terraform Collection (NTC) not only simplifies the configuration of AWS security services across multiple accounts and regions but also includes custom automations to manage security and compliance at scale.

Network Architecture as Code

The Nuvibit Terraform Collection (NTC) offers a comprehensive set of AWS networking building blocks. Its modular approach allows you to define complex network architectures in code, ensuring reliability and ease of maintenance.
NTC also supports hybrid connectivity with on-premises environments by managing AWS Direct Connect or VPN.

Illustration of network-as-code

The Nuvibit Terraform Collection (NTC) streamlines AWS security and compliance at scale.
Experience the simplest and most efficient approach to Compliance as Code.