a&f systems ag

The core business of a&f systems ag are multi-channel publishing, product information management (PIM), cloud solutions, apple business solutions and license management. They provide customer-focused, scalable solutions so that their customers can concentrate on the value of their contents.

The main software suppliers for a&f systems ag have an AWS only strategy. Also a&f systems ag received several customer requests about hosting components on AWS. Therefor a&f systems ag will build and host their interface solutions as well as the applications they build for their customers on AWS.

We were able to support a&f systems ag on their cloud journey with the following activities:

  • landing zone review
  • landing zone architecture workshops
  • workload account review
  • solution architecture workshops
  • terraform training

a&f systems ag uses several AWS services including:

  • AWS Control Tower
  • AWS IAM Identity Center (SS0)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon SQL
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon Route53